New Adoption Support Group: Matters of the Heart

“I don’t understand why you so badly want her in your life after going without knowing her all this time,” her husband’s frustration was apparent.  “It’s just not logical,” he finished.

“Matters of the heart are not logical,” came her wise reply.

This moment in time is forever imprinted in the mind and heart of adoption discussion group founder and adult adoptee, Linda Hettinger.  Spoken by her original mother, these words were the confirmation Linda had been waiting for that reunion could be a reality.  Soon after, Linda’s husband grew to understand the love and dedication of this mother-daughter pair.

“Matters of the Heart” is a discussion group for all adult members of the adoption triad and is co-facilitated by adult adoptees Linda Hettinger and Amanda Transue-Woolston, BSW.  All stories, experiences, and feelings about adoption are welcome.

This group will meet quarterly.  Please join us for our first meeting at Community of Love Lutheran Church in Oxford, Pennsylvania on September 22nd at 2:00PM.  For more information, please call Linda Hettinger at 484-880-9740.

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