Pre-Release Review by Martha Crawford, LCSW

Pre-Release Review of “The Declassified Adoptee: Essays of an Adoption Activist”

A clear, patient, intelligent voice speaking to all those interested in adoption on negotiating the joys and vicissitudes of life as an adoptee. Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston is not only a cogent and effective advocate speaking on behalf of adult adoptees and their right to be heard in adoption policy, she movingly articulates the complex emotional and psychological realities of forging a self-regarding identity as an adoptee. The Declassified Adoptee also offers a compassionate education for non-adoptees and adoptive parents about how to be a true ally and source of support to the adoptees in their lives. There is something here for every member in the diverse and sometimes fragmented adoption community. I would encourage first family members, adoptive parents, adult adoptees, extended family members and friends as well as all adoption professionals, mental health providers working with adoptees, and prospective adoptive parents to read it, let it touch them and teach them something.
Martha Crawford, LCSW – adoptive parent, psychotherapist, and author of the blog: What A Shrink Thinks

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