Pre-Release Review by Damian Adams, Research Scientist

“Within the words that Amanda writes lays the truthfulness of an adoption story, her adoption story and experience. It is these narratives that provide the reader with an in depth view and analysis of what it may be like to be adopted. This is extremely important as no other person will know what it is like to be adopted except an adoptee, and while each adoptee’s experience will be different, every story is valid and a real outcome of an institutionalised process of both family severance and construction. It is only through truly listening to narratives such as these can society better understand and empathise with adoptees, but more importantly learn from their experiences and improve the current paradigm. I have found Amanda’s approach to both the analysis of her own adoption as well as the adoption process to be insightful and full of critical analysis while taking a sensitive approach that will endear this work to the reader. I am sure that every reader will learn something from this book just as I have.”

–Damian Adams, Research Scientist, donor conceived person, and advocate for the rights of children separated from their biological families.

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