Pre-Release Review by Diane René Christian, Author of "An-Ya and Her Diary"

In her mid twenties, shortly after the birth of her son, Amanda Transue-Woolston found herself in reunion with her biological mother. In those first emotional moments of reunion, Woolston was faced with the gutting task of unraveling lies and sifting through adoption laden secrets.

Woolston’s collection of essays, contained within The Declassified Adoptee, invites readers on a riveting and educational journey. It is a journey which flows seamlessly through turbid adoption issues, adoptee realities and some unexpected truths.

The Declassified Adoptee is a compact book covering a broad scope. As an adoptee, Woolston offers a poignant narrow personal lens. As a social worker, she widens the lens and offers an enlightening and comprehensive point of view. Written with a tender hand, this book speaks with clarity and strength about the complexities of an adoptee’s life and the complexities inherent in adoption.

In the opening of The Declassified Adoptee, Woolston writes, “I am pro-human.” Her powerful and moving words will cause readers to reflect on what it means to be humane.

Highly recommended reading for anyone touched by adoption… and beyond.

-Diane René Christian, author of An-Ya and Her Diary, adoptive mother, and founder of the AN-YA Project

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