Pre-Release Review by Joy Lieberthal Rho, LCSW-R

“I am tremendously grateful for Amanda Woolston and her declassified declaration proclaimed in this book of her personal essays. The Declassified Adoptee is a challenging, beautifully woven narrative of how adoption has impacted a life. While I subscribe to the idea that no two adoptees have the same story, Amanda was able to encapsulate so many of the challenges of being a whole person with a history full of holes, lies, misunderstandings, half-truths, stereotypes and other people’s fears imposed on the adopted one. So neatly organized, Amanda was able to give the non-adopted and the adopted the full breadth of experiences and feelings that are entwined in the journey to self discovery. Amanda shows how she tackled the toughest and most sensitive issues in adoption with grace and compassion all the while pushing the reader to stretch commonly held beliefs on who is right and who has rights. I sincerely hope that fellow adoptees, adoptive parents, adoption professionals, child advocates and legislators alike read Amanda’s words.”

–Joy Lieberthal Rho, therapist, social worker, author, and speaker

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