Early Praise for The Declassified Adoptee: Essays of an Adoption Activist by Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD, ABPP

“Written with the eye of a social worker and the perspective that only someone who has lived the life of adoption can bring, Amanda H. L. Transue-Woolston expresses herself in ways that are both individual and universal. The Declassified Adoptee reads with the power of a novel, yet provides a perspective that I have not yet seen in adoption literature or memoirs. She does this by sharing her own experiences as an adoptee and then broadening her lens to allow the reader to share a broader view of timeless issues in the adoption world. She tackles topics that some find difficult with deep insight, humor and sensitivity.

This book will be a very valuable resource to mental health practitioners, students, researchers, families and others who would like insight on the adoption experience. It is also a true gift to adult adoptees who will find their experiences validated and expressed in deeply profound ways. Thank you to The Declassified Adoptee for bringing us a remarkably current and fresh look at the experience of adoption.”
Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD, ABPP
Licensed Psychologist in Independent Practice, Altoona, PA
Adoption therapist, researcher, author and Co-Chair of the Special Interest Group on Adoption Research and Practice in the Society of Counseling Psychology (a division of the American Psychological Association).

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