About Amanda Woolston, Candidate

I am a 35-year-old mother of two. I have lived in Oxford for 15 years. I am a licensed master social worker by profession. I teach social work, sociology, and psychology. I am politically Independent and currently registered Democrat.

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Amanda Woolston, MSS, LSW

My political views don’t align with today’s Left vs. Right binary. I believe in maximizing people’s freedoms to meet their own needs; utilizing public resources to accomplish what citizens want most together that can’t be accomplished on our own; focusing on underrepresented and marginalized voices as the best way to drastically improve life for everyone.

I know that Oxfordians have the knowledge, skills, and experience Oxford needs to solve its problems and amplify its strengths. I’m running for Council because I believe that more Oxfordians would be involved in Borough decisions when as many Council members as possible prove that their efforts to be involved are worthwhile.

Add Your Past Experiences

Healthcare: I have worked in healthcare on and off for over ten years.

Child welfare: I have worked for and with Chester County Children Youth and Families for over 5 years total. I have written, edited, and/or contributed to more than one dozen books on adoption, foster care, diversity, and family.

Mental health and addiction: I worked as a therapist and behavior specialist for Chester County for over 5 years.

Older adults: I worked for Ware Presbyterian Village and a hospice program serving older adults for several years combined.

Poverty and community needs: I have worked for Neighborhood Services Center and have volunteered for other neighboring organizations.

Education: I have taught in several area high schools and colleges and have been a parent of two children in Oxford Area School District (including special education) for more than a decade total.

Public service: In addition to my own work, public service is is ingrained in my family life. I have been the wife of a firefighter and the daughter-in-law of a now-retired police chief for over 15 years. My husband has worked in fire and emergency services for over two decades, is a Captain for D.C. Fire and EMS, and is a Captain at Union Fire Company No. 1.

Life experience: I have lived on minimum wage and without health insurance. I am a first generation college student. I was in foster care and adopted. I grew up the daughter of a blue collar worker and self-made small business owner. I have friends and family from all walks of life and am deeply invested in their welfare.

Public policy: I have founded numerous grassroots movements, written and championed bipartisan policies, and served as an expert witness for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Children and Youth Committee. I teach advanced policy and sociology for multiple colleges and high schools-including OAHS.