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Description of Courses Taught

West Chester University, West Chester, PA

SWO 320 – Generalist Social Work Practice I – 3 Credits
Students apply their knowledge of the strengths and ecological perspectives to the processes of engagement, assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and termination for social work practice with individuals and families. Social Work majors only. Pre / Co requisites: SWO 320 requires a corequisite or prerequisite of SWO 220 with a minimum of C or better.

SWO 332 – Social Welfare Policies and Services – 3 Credits
This course introduces students to policy analysis. A main focus is an examination of how the US Government supports or inhibits social and economic justice through social welfare, social security social policy, and social services.

SWO 432 – Advanced Policy Practice – 3 Credits
The relationship between social policy and social work practice is strengthened as students are taught the concept of policy practice or how to develop, influence and implement social policy in their social work practice everyday.

Cecil College, North East, MD

PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology – 3 Credits
Introduction to Psychology is both the scientific and philosophical study of behavior and thought. Topics covered include methods used to study behavior, perspectives on personality, biological basis of behavior, states of consciousness, human development, learning, memory, motivation, emotion, social psychology, and mental health and adjustment. 3 credits Pre-requisite: EGL093 PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology – 3 Credits

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Advanced Standing MSW Field Experience
I served as the MSW field supervisor for a student pursuing her MSW while interning at NKCDC in Philadelphia. Weekly, hour-long supervision, served to support the student in implementing a new trauma-informed staff training and development program. Supervision contextualized the student’s work within the context of the knowledge, skills, and values of the social work profession and promoted the student’s growth in developing and achieving the goals set forth on her learning contract.

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