Therapist Profile

Amanda currently works as an independent contractor providing psychotherapy services in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Amanda works with children, adults, and families of all stages across human lifespan development. Amanda’s trauma-informed, client-centered perspective provides unique clarity and compassion to cases of all complexities where client self-determination is most important of all.

Amanda’s primary theoretical orientation is derived from from Humanistic Psychology. Her treatment approach includes self-advocacy, executive functioning, coping, cognitive, communication, and self-care skill transfer; and it integrates elements of Mindfulness, CBT, Play Therapy, Mindfulness, and Emotion-Focused Therapy.

Amanda’s theories, models, and techniques are integrative, not “eclectic.” This means that approaches are chosen carefully and in ways that make sense for every client, rather than being randomly chosen or pieced together. The above described approach is also the key to “evidenced-based practice” which is near and dear to Amanda’s heart.

Amanda’s current areas of focus, interest, and primary experience include adoption, adoption reunion, foster care, transracial adoption, placement stability, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, codependency, attachment, acceptance and belonging, childhood work (revisiting and processing important events throughout the lifespan).

Additionally, Amanda’s educational and professional background as a social worker requires adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics as well as a unique way of viewing client problems. All social workers are trained to understand and recognize that the problems humans face aren’t always caused individually or by pathology. All social workers should be competent in helping clients assess and address problems happening at all levels, individually, person-to-person, in groups and communities, in bigger systems and institutions, and in social policies and cultural norms.

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