For the past twelve years, I have served the adoption and foster care communities individually, in groups, in writing and publishing, in education and training, and in public policy making. I partner with adopted and fostered people, birth/first parents, guardians, and adoptive and foster parents to find relief from loss and trauma.

I pay close attention to ambiguous losses and disenfranchised grief – types of mourning we do in silence when our experiences are not understood by others. I help with behavioral and emotional issues, attachment, openness, reunion, post-placement grief, difficult disclosures, building self-regarding identities, parent-child relationships, adoption fluency in families, and more.

In addition to my work with adoption, I work therapeutically with all ages and backgrounds. Using a client-centered approach, I help folks navigating mental illness, domestic violence, oppression and discrimination, identity stress, neurodivergence, immigration and citizenship, family separation, bereavement, drug and alcohol dependence, incarceration and legal systems involvement, childhood trauma and abuse, child loss and infertility, child-centered parenting and more.

My work is client-led, anti-racist, and LGBTQIA+ affirming. I approach every client without judgement and with their best interest at heart.

Become a Therapy Client

I provide therapy through in-person (PA) and telehealth (PA and DE) formats at my new private practice, Therapy Center for Transformative Growth.