Worthy Clinical Services

Adoption-fluent services improving the lives of adopted and fostered people, and their families, across the lifespan.

Navigating adoption and foster care in a world in which most people are not adopted (and are not raising adopted children) can feel like a lonely journey. I started Worthy Clinical Services, LLC due to the increasing requests for individualized help I received through my education platforms.


Consultation is a clinical role that establishes a non-therapeutic, professional relationship with an individual, a child’s parent(s), a fellow professional, or a professional team. My approach as a consultant is to gain a deep understanding of an individual or family’s needs and to transfer skills, strategies, and advice to address core needs and challenges. Learn more.


Mentorship is a non-clinical role that establishes a peer-to-peer, professional relationship with an adult or teen adopted person. My approach as a mentor is to consciously and intentionally utilize my own experiences as an adopted and formerly fostered person to transfer skills, strategies, and advice to address a mentee’s core needs and challenges. Learn more.


I currently teach and co-teach several recurring classes and workshops for all members of the adoption constellation through Roots Incorporated. To learn more about upcoming workshops and classes and educational programs we are currently working on, please see the Roots Incorporated website.

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